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Postcard Abbekerk 1939

Mijn vader heeft in de tweede wereldoorlog gevaren op het koopvaardijschip MS Abbekerk. in 1999 heeft hij zijn memoires op papier gezet en de afgelopen jaren ben ik bezig geweest om nog meer aanvullende gegevens en informatie op te duiken. Dat heeft geleid tot de geboorte van een nieuwe website:

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  1. Elly Wildeboer-Slingerland says:

    Let me first introduce myself. I am Elly Slingerland, the daughter of the radio officer on the ship Abbekerk.Via Google I came onto your website. My father’s name, Slingertand, crewmember 36, was wrongly spelled in the telegram. My father passed away in 1980 living in Australia. He never told details about his “adventures” during WW2. During my search about my father’s history I was able to get some records from Radio Holland in Rotterdam, the company where he was employed as a radio officer. From there on I was able to get a copy of his personal file. Here I saw that he also was on the Abbekerk in Singapore and aboard that ship when it was torpedoed in the Atlantic by the German Uboat 604. What I didn’t know was that the ship was torpedoed on the route from the Caribian to Europe. My understanding (and of de rest of the fam.) was that the ship was on route from Halifax to Liverpool in a convoy. A totally different story. I have also googled other ships, which make this history totally completed. Still I have questions about his sick leaves in England and Scotland. Especially his where about in Scotland, 3 months in April-July 1943. I was born in 1946 and named after a lady where he stayed to convalesce, but where…. My name is Elly; not Elisabeth! But who is/was she??? In Liverpool there was a “Holland House” for sailors and officers, but are there any records left? In England he also stayed to recuperate in Dogmers Field Park. Was this also for sick people?? After the war my father returned to the Netherlands and worked as an air traffic controler in the tower at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). In 1957 the family emigrated to Australia; in 1964 I went back. Maybe you can help me with my questions…. The rest of this story is just for your information.
    Thank you for the website…. It has made me capable to finalize my search…
    Elly Wildeboer-Slingerland

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